N74HE was built between 2004 and 2012 with several major interuptions by me, Kathleen Evans.  It was a long journey, but the final product has been a great pleasure to fly. It is a Vans Aircraft RV-7a kitplane.  As of June, 2015, 74HE has a little over 220 hours of flight time.  While this website was set up to track the progress of the build and serve as a builder's log, I am leaving it up hoping that it might be of some help to anyone else building an RV.


    July, 2016 Update

    I have a new motor! My husband decided not to finish building his Glastar project (he is upgrading his flying Glastar). He had purchased a new ECI IO-370 205 hp. I decided to put that motor in the 7 since I was installing a new panel anyway.

    May, 2017 Update

    I now have about 100 hours on the new motor and some observations. Mostly, I really like it. It's heavier, but very smooth running with a counterbalanced crank. On the downside for me is that I REALLY miss the FADEC with it's added economy and thoughtlessly easy starting in all conditions and I have a perfectly good 360 with only 220 hours that I guess I will have to sell..

    Thank you for visiting!

    Kathleen Evans







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