Paint Possibilities ???? HOME

I put these forward with only a little comment.  No laughter is allowed!  If you must laugh, do so in the privacy of your own viewing place! :-)

These are "some" of my attempts at finding just the right paint scheme.  I held on to the idea that it had to be simple, yet eye-catching.  You can't imagine how much time I spent doing this.  Here goes..

After plain yellow, I started thinking it had to have more colors.

I thought the long sweep was nice -- for about 30 minutes!

Finally, (day 2) some creativity started to creep into my thinking, just not too much creativity.

I began to feel red, white and blue coming on as if that were creative.

Finally, I got red, white and blue and realized that my design wasn't great and there were about 500 similar paint schemes floating around.  Then I saw the nearly the same scheme obviously done with rattle cans on a redneck truck with "praise the lord"  written on the side and a confederate flag on the back.  I was confused, but alert enough to dump my bright idea....

Ah, a little more conservative  Notice how yellow keeps creeping back into the plan?

Oh, I did a lot of work with stars.  You only get to see one example.  I thought I had it here.  Next morning, it didn't look so good.  Maybe it still has possibilities.

Then I got this idea.  I just wanted plain red.  It still sounds good to me and it's really easy to paint.  I painted up several samples of shades of red.  Then I drifted away from the idea.

Back to conventional, but lavender & purple.

Oh, let's just do a shade of blue, but what shade.  I painted up 3 samples of shades of blue.

No, it has to have a pattern of some sort.

Ah, now I'm starting to see something different.  I get to keep my yellow and I get some purple too.

Well, I don't know where this idea came from.  I just remember it was late at night.

So, I improved on the one above.

Then a completely new idea hit me.

I worked on the checkers with varieties of colors and shapes.

And more shapes.

And more shapes.  Maybe 30 in all.

No, I won't show you all 30.  Just trust me.  There were more than you want to see.

Flames!  I hadn't really taken flames seriously, but then I remembered, I like flames!

So, what about flames and checkers?

But then, I tried flames in a different color and stretched them out along the fuselage.

Why not put them together in a big way.  I did another 30 combinations checker and flames.

Just about there.  Ditch the checkers....

This is it.  Until I change my mind, this is really it!  I don't have too much time to change my mind because I start painting in another week!

I'm not sure this will be the top view, but it's a start...