March 26, 2004 HOME

Wow! The building effort today was so intense that I forgot to take pictures! There are only a few that I took later in the day. I'll have to pay more attention to taking pictures and to what stage of building the pictures are taken.

The good news = A great deal came together today. Everything began to form up early. This was really a great day!

Below, the horizontal stab is mostly riveted. Only the inner rear ribs and the rear spar need final riveting. It's a really big piece to see come together in 5 days considering that everything else is about done too. This is amazing stuff and the most fun I've had in.... well, you don't want to know about that.

So, here I am dropping in the last of the horizontal stab rivets while my helper hubby continues to learn to operate the squeezer. This row of rivets is the last on the horizontal stabilizer!

It's only fair, he gets to squeeze the last rivet. Sometimes I am generous to a fault! In all fairness, he really has been great support and always willing to help on anything (there, that should keep the help coming!).




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