May 14, 2004 HOME

Yes! Big boxes arrive. A friend picked it up because I was afraid I had not way to unload it from a big high closed-sided truck at home. It turns out that there would have been no way I could have unloaded the 1200 pounds of stuff on my own or even with help. Bringing it in on a trailer and taking it slow was the right approach.

Here Don Hanson, our professional unloader, vehicle operator and friend, operates the specialized and sophisticated equipment (a floor jack) used to carefully lower the big box to the ground.

Don was patient and careful. I, on the other hand, couldn't wait to crack the box open and look inside.

It was a little more work than expected. Van's had stapled it up tight.











I pried the top open all the way around being careful not to get myself punctured by any of the very sharp staples. I did get a few splinters...

Oh yes! It was a great feeling to look inside. There are airplane parts in there!


Finally, I broke down the sides so I could get at the all of the parts. The whole event took much longer than I had expected.



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