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This is a picture of the fuel tank "corner" of the two wing assemblies while they are still in the box. They come side by side, so laid on their sides they are one on top of the other. So, what's all this dribble about? You can see that one fuel tank is nicely sealed up, while the other is wide open. Look at the big hole on the bottom wing tank. That's the way it came. I never did find the plate that covers the tank.

Here's a better shot, taken after the wings were removed from the crate. Obviously, this is the one that was sealed up.

Here's a shot of the tank with the missing plate. It's wide open. At first, I wasn't really concerned, thinking I would just have to contact Van's and whine about the missing plate.

Then I fished around inside the tank and found stuff. No, not good stuff, pieces of foam and a few small chips of wood. Now I have to think about how to vacuum out the tank. I guess I'll also have to check the other tank for debris (I was going to do that anyway, but now I'm really serious).






Here's a shot of the way the quickbuild wings come. They are simply, but securely crated. Mine had no physical damage.

A few days ago, I shot some blue paints to get an idea of what color I wanted. I was fixed on a shade of blue in the rather dark range. After shooting a few more samples (and $150 worth of paints in little cans!), I decided on red. Yep, I changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that, in case you didn't know. I found this rather dark (cherry-like) red with no metelflake. I shot a sample and here it is compared to the blue. I hope color match is close on your monitor. It's very close on mine.

Here's one more shot in case it helps to have two.

I know I should stick with the inventory until it's done, but it's sooooo boring. After all, what could be more important than choosing the right color...





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