June 22, 2004 HOME

I got a little time this morning to fit the left HS fiberglass tip.  I had already glued and riveted in the backing strips and I decided to glue in the tips also before I riveted to reduce the chances of paint cracking at the joint.

Here, I used a piece of packing foam to force the right shape (I thought).  I know I can't glass over it, but it should hold the shape while I get it all jigged up right.





I missed a few picture opportunities in between, but I am putting a second layer of glass on the trailing edge of the HS tip (that's the bottom in the picture).  I put 3 plies of cloth down.  Now I know that 2 would have been enough.  It is really stiff.

Waiting for fiberglass to cure, I drilled the elevator horns per plans.  You do that by first inserting a protective sleeve in the bearing and using that to drill a pilot hole followed by the real thing.  There's no reasonable way to get this into a drill press, but with a good sharp drill, it goes well.



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