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After riveting, both tips are installed.

The next 2 pictures show the leading edge fit.  Neither is perfect, but a little filler and sanding will fix that.  This is all easy for me to say, because I've never done any filling and sanding before, but how hard can it be???

So, hours later, it's a lot harder than I expected.  I found the DA (for Dual Action - cool!) sander heavy and difficult to manage, but it's better than sanding by hand!

I'm cheating here.  The rest of these pictures were taken on the 27th.  I'm getting real tired of glazing and sanding and shaping and glazing and sanding and sanding and glazing and fitting and glazing and sanding -- get the picture?

At least it's beginning to fit, but only on the top.  I have the other side to do, too...

This is very close.  It's time to sand one more time and spray some primer on this stuff.  I'll see more imperfections then, but it's all progress, right?


OK, it's primed.  The fit to the curve of the leading edge tip is pretty good.  I still have work to do on the gap work, but it's not bad as you can see here.

Here's the right side gap (sorry for the blurry picture - I think there was an earthquake just as I snapped the picture).  The gap isn't bad here either, but still needs a little work.  It never seems to end!

This is actually an earlier shot that I through in here to show how far off the front to rear (right to left) fit was.  This was a problem that took some filling and lots of sanding.

Here it is again (unfortunately from a slightly different angle) after filling and sanding.  There is some gap work to do, but sizing is pretty good.

Here's another area where I still have work to do on the gap.  I don't know how close to perfect I can get it, but it bothers me to have it any other way.  Am I asking too much?  I know, only I can decide.  Well, I going to keep working on it.


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