July 5, 2004 HOME

Hurray!  Parts came from Van's!  Actually, I'm really smiling because I was able to find something quickly from referencing the parts list.  I really do have to get all the parts bags hung on the wall in some order.  Well, maybe tomorrow...

I did get (actually 3 days ago) the fiberglass parts replacements.  What had been sent with the kit were RV-8 parts.  I like the RV-8, but I'm building a 7, so 7 parts work better.  Make note of that.

I checked the fit, just to make sure.  It's the right stuff!




Oops!  On the order of, "not the right stuff", I originally only received one fuel tank end access plate (heck no, I don't know if that's what you call it, but that's what it is).  Scott at Van's got the order right out, but what I received was the reinforcing ring and gasket.  While I needed the gasket, the reinforcing ring was already installed.  Another call to Van's -- tomorrow.

With minutes left to work today, all I was able to do was cut and bend a little aluminum stock to use as backing for the vertical stabilizer tip.  I'm going to add screw plates and flat screws to hold this little piece in place instead of poprivets.  No, this time it's not about not liking poprivets, it's about wanting to take the tip off from time to time.  I'll tell you why later...

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