July 7, 2004 HOME

Initially, the plans call for centering the elevator pushrod bearing with washers.  I guess it works, but something solid seems much better and cleaner looking too.  With just a little time to work today, I set out to make something cleaner -- a suggestion Van's offers as an option anyway.

Since 4 washers per side was OK, but slightly tight, I started with a measure of the 4 washers.

I then cut 2 pieces of .313 OD 6061 T6 aluminum tubing (let's just call that tubing, OK?) to a little longer than the length needed.  I first chucked it up square in a drill and ground it against a file down to twenty thousandths or so of the perfect length.  Then, (I didn't get a pic) I clamped down the drill and used it like a lathe to get a final flat surface that would be just the right length.




Yes, I know, awful blurry picture, but this one of the finished products.  Trust me, it's perfectly square and flat on the end and just the right length to replace the washers.  Better than the washers because there is not binding -- 3 washers made it too narrow and 4 washers required a spread under constant tension.

Here's the result.  Much cleaner, better looking and a better fit than washers.  Doesn't seem like much accomplished today, but every little step is a step closer....



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