August 2, 2004 HOME

While I took off to visit some friends yesterday, Bill finished my vice bench and mounted my new vice along side my old vice.  My old vice is in the foreground.  You might observe that the new vice is somewhat bigger than the old vice.  Now I have a choice!

Back to grinding out all the fiberglass inside the bottom rudder tip to mount the Whelen Comet Flash.  I'm almost there.

I cut off one leg of a couple of nutplates to put behind the fiberglass so that I won't have to fight with finding a nut if I have to take the light off.  I just recently looked at an RV where the builder fiberglassed the screws into the tip and put the nuts on the outside.  I really didn't like the looks of that, so I'm not going that way.




Ughhh!  It isn't working out at all!  The fiberglass is too flimsy and not flat in back and the nutplates can't be held in place and the rivets cracked the edges and I give up!

OK, now with my senses restored and some and a refill of determination, I'm setting out on a new course with this.  I'm making a mounting plate that can be flush riveted to the fiberglass.  I'll glue it and rivet it and glass it in if I have to.


Here it is all cut out and ready.  I bent the edges to give it rigidity and attached the nutplates.  You are looking at the back side of it here.  This side will be against the fiberglass the screws that you see protruding will pass through and hold the light in place.





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