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After an early breakfast, I marked the drill setback point on the aileron push-pull tubes.  I checked the primer job on the inside and found it was sticking nicely and evenly coated the length of the tubing.

I marked the drill points evenly around the circumference of each tube.  There are six rivets in each end.

I thought about using the drill press and cross drilling the holes, but the exact evenness of the rivet spacing is non-consequential.  After I drilled, I found that the spacing was reasonably exact anyway.

Here is the first push-pull aileron tube drilled with pilot holes. 

While I was working on drilling the tubes, I got Bill to give the fiberglass rudder bottom a skim coat of filler.  It look awful here, but most will be sanded off leaving the little pin-holes filled.

Back to real work!  Here is the first end fitting final drilled to #30 and clecoed in place.  It's time to de bur and rivet.

The holes were pretty clean, requiring only a quick pass with the Dremel.  Now the rivets.  I have a hard time with the these steel rivets popped by hand, but I got through it.









A thing of beauty, eh?  Riveted and ready.  Well one end done anyway. 

So, I went on to drill and rivet the rest of them.  Two large tubes, 4 ends in all.  Like most of these tasks, it took longer than expected.

Next I went on to set up for drilling the short tubes that run from the aileron bellcranks to the aileron horns.  They are 1/2" 4130 instead of aluminum and the tips can be welded.  I decided to rivet them and marked out the drill distances on some aluminum angle.

I had this wood jig that was drilled in the press to be perpendicular.  It makes a good guide and I used it to drill the angle exactly on center at the elbow.  I can now use the angle as a guide to drill the round steel stock.

Meanwhile, I stopped for a break and got caught up in finding the parts for the aileron bellcrank attachment.  The bellcranks attach to the back side of the spar.  I drilled out the brass bushings that take a 3.5 x 1/4" bolt.  The bellcrank ride on the bushing.

I know some folks have problems with binding of the bellcranks, but mine turned out to be smooth and easy to move without any play in the bushings.  Happy with that!





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