August 9, 2004 HOME

After spending most of the morning working in the yard, I went to work on the aileron rods (from the bellcranks to the aileron arms).  I cut them to length and started drilling through the tubes and the end pieces.

The first one riveted up just fine.



The second rod end ended up with a bent rivet.  I drilled it out and riveted again.  This is a pic of the second try, ugh!

OK, that's it.  I'm stopping for the day.  Two hours wasted.  I can't get the rivets to mushroom properly and I realize I've drilled on the the holes off center.  I know that's not a strength issue, but I can't accept it that way.  Tomorrow I'll be gone, but I'll just have to get back to it when I can.  I really don't want to start over....

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