August 16, 2004 HOME

Skipping ahead a little, I marked out and cut the wingtip lenses.  This comes as one piece of light plastic (careful, alcohol eats it up!) that is cut in half and trimmed to fit.  I used a die grinder and a fiber wheel to cut it.  It worked OK.

First try at fitting the lens leaves a lot to go and I thought I had it right on!

A very thin cutoff wheel on a Dremel proved to be a great tool for the final trimming cut, but wait, is this really final?




OK, with the tape off, I realize that the two sides are not equal.  Hmmmm, not a problem, but more work than anticipated.

Another trim and it's really close.

This almost fits.  All I need to do is some hand sanding of the edges to round them off and the fit should be perfect.

And it is perfect!  I'm satisfied with the fit, but unhappy that it took 2 hours!

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