September 8, 2004 HOME

Today Bill came through on an important find.  I had sent him on a mission to find a used heated pitot tube.  These cost $960+ each from Aircraft Spruce and that was just a little rich for my taste.  I was thinking maybe I wouldn't have pitot heat at that price.  Bill found these 2 at a salvage yard for $5 each!  Yep, that's $10 total and that's not all, they make heat.  They actually work.

With a little care bending, the crooked one has turned out OK.  It's scratched up a little, but with some grinding and polishing, it should be usable.




While Bill was out on his scavenger hunt, I mounted the right wing strobe power supply on the end rib in front of the spar.  This is a 40 watt unit that will make about 38 joules driving a single strobe in a cyclic range of patterns.

The day ended with a careful inspection of the wiring and construction of the left wing.   I passed with feline colors!

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