September 29, 2004 HOME

Having done nothing on the RV-7 project since the 12th of September, I was happy to be back at work, even if most of what I had to do was rework.

I roughly marked out another (3rd try) set of wingtip cutout covers.

After roughly cutting them to shape, I trimmed and fitted them until they fit the opening as near to perfect as I could get.

Fortunately, I had started this by making a set of templates for drilling all the holes except the landing light hole.  I drilled out the LED positions on all 4 planes.



Bill installed the LEDs while I installed terminal blocks on the inboard wing ribs.  There is a little more to be done to secure the wiring, but I'm almost there.  I decided on terminal blocks over AMP connectors because I they help secure the wire.  They are slower to disconnect, but I'm not planning on removing the wings every day!

I am using limited color coding on the wires.  That is, black is always ground, red is always hot etc.  There are far too many combinations to color code everything, but a few basic rules should make maintenance easier.



When the LEDs were installed, I drilled the landing light opening and the strobe opening and checked it all for fit.  I think it's going to work!  If all goes well, there won't be any visible screw heads inside the lens of the wingtip.



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