September 30, 2004 HOME

This isn't really airplane work, but I have been struggling with 12v power sources for weeks.  I have gone out to the car at times to test lights and even used a string of flashlight batteries to get to 12 volts.  I was going to buy an ac/dc converter for 12v power when I realized I had an extra PC case with a power supply in it.  A quick look revealed it promised 8 amps at 12 volts.  That's all I'm likely to need.

Here is the PC power supply opened up.  Lots of wires, ugh....

I added a terminal strip to the outside and drilled holes for the wires I wanted to bring out.



After clipping out all the wires I didn't want (it took a while to find the right wires with a tester), I connected the wires to the terminal strip.

Now for the test.  Yes, 12v, 5v and 3.3v as advertised!

I added some short pieces of 10 gauge solid copper for terminal posts and labeled the box accordingly.  I also added a green LED to indicate power.  I didn't bother to wire in a switch.  That would be easy to do if this thing gets used a lot.


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