October 15, 2004 HOME

I know, it looks like I've been doing nothing!  Well, I've been busy.  I have been working with some engine suppliers (AeroSport Power, Superior, Mattituck, BPA etc.) on a final engine decision.  I guess that time should count, but I don't have any pictures!

I did get some time today to string some RG-400 for the antenna in the left wing.  I had never installed a BNC connector, so this is my first.  I started by trimming the wire according to the specs (see them here) I added to my utilities page.

Below is the crimped contact on the primary wire.



Here's the finished BNC connector on RG-400.  My first antenna cable is half done!  OK, so it's not such a big deal, but it took me about 8 times as long as should have to do it, so I wanted to get a little extra mileage out of it...

While we're doing the connector thing, I attached this AMP dual connector to the end of the wires for the heated pitot.  This is a good opportunity to point out the shrink on the wire bundle in the background and the RTV in bushings where the bundle passes through.  Most of the advice I got indicated that the bushings were adequate to prevent wear on the insulation.  I feel that, if the wire gets to flop around and rub on anything at all, it's an invitation for wear, so why not apply both techniques?  My wire bundles get bushings and RTV.  I've mostly decide not to use conduit.  That's not because of weight, but because you can't easily inspect the wires.


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