November 5, 2004 HOME

Wow!  Does that look like a mess or what?  It is.  Cleaning up a few loose ends, I had to set something up to test the LEDs that make up my nav lights.  I let them burn for 24 hours just to see if there were any problems that would develop initially from heat or whatever.  They worked fine.




Another thing that had been bothering me finally got my attention.  When Steve Barnard (our tech advisor) came by, he pointed out that the terminal strip I had installed may not be serviceable when the wing is installed because there is too little clearance to get a screwdriver in there.  One probably wouldn't be able to see the connections anyway without a mirror.  The solution I decided on (Steve's suggestion, actually) was to build a little bracket for the terminal strip that would leave it facing upward at the opening of the wing and fuselage under the fairing.  Here's what the result looks like on the right wing.




I built the same sort of setup for the left wing.  Since the wiring passes through the wing at a different point, the positioning is somewhat different from the right wing, but the result is the same.  I hope that will mean easy access, even though I don't anticipate the need once it is all installed.

Following along that same line of thinking, here's the same sort of perch for the TruTrak autopilot wiring harness.  The DB-9 connector is temporarily screwed down.  When the unit is plugged in, the screws will hold the connected parts together.

Finally, today I had a chance to make a few minor changes and finish up some small tasks.  Three of them are here.  I replaced the connector on the wires to the heated pitot in the right wing (blue arrow).  I put the AN connector on the end of the pitot tubing (red) and I finish-installed the DB-9 connector to the autopilot roll servo.


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