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Beginning the process of closing the right wing, I laid the bottom skin on and checked fit.  I found that I still had a few more holes to drill around the pitot port, so I did that and riveted the support bracket in place.

Not ready to rivet yet, but I clecoed the bottom skin in place and checked everything for alignment.  I decided not to struggle with trying to avoid blind rivets altogether.  I'll just work at minimizing the use of them.

As part of wrapping up the wings, I cut some strips of .025" anodized as backing for the fiberglass wingtips.



Like the rest of the fiberglass parts, I glued the backing around the edges to support the nutplates that will be riveted in place.  I used T-88 as the bonding agent.

While the glue was drying and the rivets were resting, I finished up some of the smaller wiring tasks remaining on the right wing.  Here, I attached (and then tested) the high-temp socket for the landing light.  I crimped the connections, but also used heat-shrink over them to help secure and seal the connection.

Ok, I like the heat-shrink.  Here is a spliced ground wire.  I soldered it, and used heat shrink to protect it.  Actually, I used 2 layers of heat-shrink because it may be subject to some vibration.

Here's another little thing I get carried away with (my husband says it too much of a good thing, but I'm building it my way).  When I put together these AMP connectors outside of the fuselage, I like to seal them up with RTV and and tie them together with a pull tie.  I don't have to worry about them coming apart at an unfortunate moment.


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