November 12, 2004 HOME

As I was going over the last details before closing the right wing I remembered that I hadn't provided for removing the the flap hinge pin.  The pin is inserted from the inboard end of the wing during assembly, but when the wings are installed, there is no reasonable way to remove it unless you drill a hole for that purpose.


With a number 40 drill, I drilled a hole just off center (2 diameters) and at a slight angle to the end of the hinge pin.  That won't allow the pin to slide out on its own, yet with a little finger pressure, you can bend it down and pull it out in the outboard direction.

The next little item I had to tackle was to set up the fuel sender.  I measured the recommended bend point at 3 3/16 inches.



I bent the wire to 90 degrees and cut the remaining leg to 3 3/16 as recommended.

The cutting and bending was simple enough, but when I tried to make the final adjustments, I realized that it would have been better to have made slightly longer.  At the recommended lengths it couldn't be adjusted to touch both the top and bottom of the tank.  Actually, I was looking for 1/16th clearance top and bottom.  I had to straighten the leg considerably to get there.

Here is the final assembly temporarily fitted to the right fuel tank.  It will stay that way until I have the left completed also.  I'll then Pro-Seal all the components and possible leak areas and pressure the tanks.  I'm not using any gaskets.


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