November 27, 2004 HOME

I only had a couple of hours to work today, so I tackled the front fuel tank braces.  These are mounted to the fuselage at the front of the wings, which are actually the fuel tanks.  I made up the first set of brackets, but I wasn't satisfied with them.  I'll make a new set later.  Don't worry, I won't forget!  If I do, I'm sure I'll get several email reminding me!




On the outside of the fuselage, I drilled one hole for an AN3 bolt and used it as the starting place for the bracket.  I drew a vertical line so I could properly center the bottom hole using the drilled bracket as a guide.

I drilled the bottom holes.  That's it.  The brackets are drilled in place.  Now I will remove them and make new spacers and internal brackets because the first set was a little out of proportion.  O. K., a LOT out of proportion!


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