December 5, 2004 HOME

Finished!!!   Well, with a wing, anyway.  But, it really is finished.  There's nothing except paint and setting the incidence to do to this wing.  The right wing is close behind.  That doesn't include the fiberglass wingtips.  I'm still working on those, so the wings won't move to the paint area yet, but soon!

I told you I would remake these spacers and the brackets for the front tank mounts.  The first set I made were too short by an eighth of an inch.  These are all .001" oversize.  I can live with that.



I also made a new set of supports for the front fuel tank attachment brackets.  Here they are roughed out with the first pilot hole drilled.  I really hate the rework, but I always feel better about the project when I know I got it right.  I know, fewer mistakes to begin with means less rework.  So, I won't make any more mistakes!  Promise!  §

What's this picture?  It's a picture I didn't include earlier because it wasn't interesting.  I was just removing some rivets shot in error (Yes, that's a lot like rework).  The real reason to include it now, is that I didn't want only 3 pictures on today's webpage.....


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