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To finalize the work on the wingtip, I first had to make up an RG-400 pigtail for the VOR antenna.  I used a BNC connector to mate to the cable coming out of the outboard wing end in order to make removal of the wingtip easy.  I have always had problems peeling the shielding away from the center of these cables.  RG-400 is particularly difficult because it has 2 shielding layers.  After much trial and error, I stumbled onto the method pictured below.  A curved dental pick makes it relatively easy and doesn't break much if any of the shielding wire.  Once in a while, there is an easy solution that actually works!

So, using my new-found skill, I made up the antenna end of the pigtail.  It's nothing too special, just a split off of the shielding with a couple of connectors crimped on.

The attachment of the RG-400 pigtail to the antenna is simple.  It's helpful that the mounting surface is all fiberglass, so there is not problem of signal loss due to shorting to the surface.



I decided to close the inboard trailing edge of the wingtips with fiberglass.  I started by cutting a 3/8" thick piece of rigid foam to the right shape to fill in the area over the aluminum rib.  I wont need any structural support from the fiberglass, so on layer will be plenty.  I ground away the gelcoat to allow room for the fiberglass overlap on the edges.




It ain't pretty, that's for sure, but here's the layer of fiberglass over the foam as it sets up.  It turned out rather flat and won't take much filling to make it smooth and good looking.  Hopefully, it will also smooth out the airflow a little.



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