January 5, 2005 HOME

Picking right up from yesterday, the forward catchs are drilled and match drilled to the plate in a manner similar to the rears.  The only difference is that the forward catches don't need a spacer because the plate itself will act as a spacer when the seat back support rests on the cross member.

When the adjustment plates are completed, they are match drilled to the cross member through the same hole that will hold the forward catch.

Bingo!  Some #4 rivets and it's done...



It works!  Here's how and what it looks like.  This is the forward position.  It sets the seat back about 1.5" farther forward than the plans.


Here it is adjusted to the rear position.  It positions the seat back about 2.5" farther back than the plans.  It looks like it will work great.  Only real people seated in real seats will know for sure!



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