January 11, 2005 HOME

Skipping over things not yet finished, I drilled lightning holes in the rudder peddle assembly center support and smoothed up the edges.


I finished dimpling the flap actuator side panels (don't remember if that what these are called, but it's what they do) and matched drilled the vertical seat back support to the back side of the panels.

I notched out an area to clear the flap motor mounting bolt.  The notched area still needs a little deburring and smoothing.




Next came the nutplates on the support channel.  I put these 2 pictures in because someone emailed me asking how a rivet is squeezed (as opposed to hammered).  These pics show the process of squeezing a rivet use to attach a nutplate.  Nutplates typically attach with a rivet on each side, but there are several variations.

The pic above shows the squeezer in a typical riveting position.  The pic below show the rivet in the jaws of the squeezer.

The nutplates are in the channel and it is ready for final installation.


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