January 21, 2005 HOME

The 21st wasn't a real work day.  I organized some parts, combining bags of screws, nutplates, rivets, bolts, nuts and washers.  It's a problem that much of what comes from Van's is packaged in mixed bags where you might find 3 different sizes of rivets.  Worse yet, some bags contain rivets, bolts, washers, cotter pins etc.  I got it all organized and back to a manageable state.

I also got parts from Aircraft Spruce.  I ordered an470ad-4-6 and an426ad-4-6 (and other) rivets.  Funny thing; as I was looking at the bags, I noticed that there were 2 bags of 470-4-6s, but one was marked an426ad-4-6.  Aircraft Spruce will, of course, replace them, but it's a lesson that I continue to be reminded of -- check everything twice!

Finally!  I have put off getting a bandsaw for a long time, but I had to cave and spring for the real thing.  No, the hacksaw, while trusty, is no substitute.  I had put off the purchase of a bandsaw because I didn't think I had enough room.  The solution, I bought a small one that can be moved around.  Someday, I'll have a place where I can mount it permanently.



On the subject of new things.  Also with the order from Aircraft Spruce, came these new larger fuel caps and rings.  They are pictured here next to the standard Van's caps.

I haven't said anything about why I might want these.  The answer is, "Because they fit the standard Jet-A nozzles."  Hmmm, you might be thinking that I've committed to a diesel engine like the Delta Hawk or the Innodyne turbine.  Well, I haven't, but I'm looking at keeping all the options open.


As I considered the installation of these new fillers, I realized 2 potential problem areas.  1.)  They don't fit between the last 2 ribs in the tanks.  Since the tanks are already riveted and sealed, that is a tougher problem than if I could easily operate on the inside of the tanks, and 2.)  The rings are .125 thick.  I'll have to build a spacer for the rings in order to bring them flush with the upper wing surface.  I don't want a six inch bump on the top of the wing acting like a speed brake!  If these get installed, they will have to be flush....


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