January 23, 2005 HOME

I got a chance to use my new little bandsaw!  I cut the manual trim mount (since I have electric trim) off the front of the fuel valve mounting plate.  It worked great.  Now, what else can I cut?!!

When the fuel valve mounting plate was trimmed up, I dimpled the screw holes and temporarily mounted its support bracket.

Moving on the cabin heat distribution ducting, I drilled out the screw holes and match drilled the internal baffle to the housing.




The baffle is clecoed in place, it's all drilled and I'm ready to rivet.

I squeezed all the rivets and dimpled the rest of the holes.

The basically finished product (looking at the inside) with the distribution baffle riveted in place.  This was a pleasant break in that it was a large piece and the work went smoothly and quickly.  A good afternoon!



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