January 25, 2005 HOME

Today, I finally installed the rudders into the fuselage (not for the last time, though) and checked all my positioning holes.  I also marked out the position holes on the center brace.

For some reason, I had trouble getting the center brace aligned just the way I wanted it.  It's a combination of getting the brace in position and aligned left to right while getting the bearing blocks in the correct position.  It should have been very easy, but I strubbled with it for longer than I'm willing to admit.

Just when I was about to melt it down and start over, it all fell into place and seemed to be no work at all.  Sometimes, the hard parts are surprisingly and the easy parts are surprisingly hard....



With everything marked out, I drilled the mounting holes and the adjustment holes.




This is the point where I should be riveting the brace in place, but I first wanted to drill out the pop-rivets in the firewall and replace them with real rivets.  So, it will wait a while.




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