October 23, 2006 HOME

Paul, a hanger neighbor (not pictured) offered up a nice, if well used, sling assembly to hang my wings after he saw them setting on the hangar floor.  All I had to do was find a volunteer to deliver them.

They're not fancy, but they will work fine and I can lift them.  Makes me happy!

The first wing in place.

And now the wings are stored somewhat out of the way.  I'm thinking of adding wheels to the rig to make it a little more portable.  Hmmm, will I get to that?


Now, here's a little something for the neighbors who mostly live more than a mile away.  I offer this up because they have been complaining that we want to build an airstrip.

I got the fuselage up on these sawhorses.  I don't much like this arrangement, but it will do.  Next, I need to put it on its side for better access.

Oops!  The #1 cylinder on my Tomahawk was showing a little oil.  This is what the piston look like.  Notice the oil ring.  It has lost its spring.  The cylinder was also a little out of round and needs to be replaced.  Ah, it's only money!

I am finally getting some of the small stuff organized so I can find it.  This cork board method has worked well for me, but it is clear I'm not going to manage with just one...


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