August 01, 2007 HOME

Thinking it was time to paint at least part of the interior, I drilled out and removed the cross brace that stiffens the fuselage.  This gave me better access to the forward compartment area.

I cleaned, sanded (scuffed), cleaned again and vacuumed the forward portion of the fuselage.  I shot one medium coat of self-etching primer.  After lightly scuffing the primer coat, I sprayed a tack coat and 2 medium-wet coats of acrylic urethane in a color that closely matches Van's powder coat color.  I wasn't looking for a great finish, just durability.

With the forward cockpit area painted, I began to lay out the first stages of plumbing.  Here, I am marking the tank vent line hole in the bottom of the fuselage.



I found the bending and placement of the vent line more troublesome than expected.  My first line was O.K., but looked a little crude.  At first, I was thinking, "Function before form."  But after a while, I just had to go back and replace it.  Even if no one else ever saw it, I would always know it wasn't what I really wanted it to be.  Another hour shot doing rework!


I was done!  The tank vent lines are in place without those kinks, nicks and scrapes.  I feel better for having redone them.  I will still have to take the fittings back out and cut them, adding a small piece of fine screen to keep the bugs out.  That's for another day.

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