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More than 2 months have past and I haven't gotten back to work until today.  I temporarily installed the fuel valve to check for fit.  I also checked the fit of the auxiliary pump, but didn't get a picture.  The picture of the valve is taken from the floor of the cabin looking up.  Well, in this case not up, because the fuselage is lying on its side.

Injected engines with high pressure pumps require a special cover if the pump is located in the cockpit as recommended.  The cover is a relatively simple thing to build with just a top and 2 sides.

The pump cover is riveted together like all the other sheet metal parts, but it takes a little care not to put a smile in the light sheet aluminum.  How do I know?  Well, here is a picture of me installing my newly fabricated second side plate.  The first one had a little smile on it from a runaway rivet gun.

Moving on, I shortened the bottom plate to make room for the high pressure pump and its mounting plate.


Still working on odds and ends, I mounted the brake line bracket to the firewall.  It is nothing special, but it takes a lot of rivets for such a small bracket.  


When the bracket was riveted in place, I installed the brake line fittings.  It takes one 90 degree fitting and one 45 degree fitting in order to keep the lines from making contact with each other.

The firewall recess could be installed later.  In fact, it might be better to do so because you can reach through the hole to hold things.  I thought about all that and decided to install it anyway.

I didn't find the fit of the recess box to be any too good and the holes didn't exactly match up.  The end result worked out fine and I was satisfied with the fit.


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