December 4 , 2007 HOME


I started fitting the heat duct cover (f-982d heat baffle).  I was frustrated with the fit because it would allow air to escape at the corners and side.  Then I realized that it is designed to diffuse the air anyway and a little leakage makes no difference.

I temporarily screwed the baffle into place so I could mark the floor stiffeners for nutplates.

In keeping with my continuing policy of bouncing around from task to task, I began reinstalling the gear leg mounts.



But, back to the fuel system, I decided that now is the time to add fittings to the fuel meter.  It is directional, but that makes no difference with regard to installing the fittings.


Fittings installed with plenty of time for the sealant to cure before I attach the fuel lines.  I still don't know where I will put it, but I think it will go inside the cockpit so I don't have to run any more wires through the firewall.  


One last rivet before I quit for the day.  %*##^#@!!!, just when you think you have driven enough rivets to know how to do it right every time!  I'll leave this fix for later....




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