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Before we move on, we need to safety wire those case bolts that will be hidden by the sump.  Hmm, satisfied with the first pass.


My confidence is always low when it comes to neat looking and effective safety wire.  It should be simple, right?  This time, it works out perfectly.  I hope Kirk notices....


We lay out some of the parts that will go (mostly) on the back of the motor.  This thing is a mechanical tach drive.  I won't be using a mechanical tach, but I will install the drive anyway.  Who knows what the future holds?


This gear is unique in that it is the FADEC timing gear.  The red marks are simply there to make it a little easier to read the timing marks.  The holes trigger the steady impulse FADEC uses to measure engine speed.


This is really just an idler gear, but the cam lobe on it drives a pushrod that drives the engine-driven fuel pump.


O-ring seals go on one end of the pushrod covers.


A typical tire seal goes on the other end.


Here are the pushrod covers with seals installed.
















The pushrod covers are installed by pushing them through holes on the head end of the cylinders.  Yes, you mechanics will note that this is different from most of the Lycomings you have worked on.  It is better because you don't have to remove the cylinder to repair a leak in the pushrod cover.

The tach drive is simply inserted in the end of the camshaft (drive gear) and the snap ring is popped into place to keep it there.

The idler gear posts must be installed so that the rest of the gears can be installed.

Each of the posts is safety wired like most of the nuts and bolts that are not easily available for inspection.

The idler gear is placed over the post and aligned to the crankshaft drive gear.  The camshaft drive gear is aligned to the idler gear.  You can tell the difference because, 1) it only goes one way, and, 2) the timing mark on the idler gear that matches the crank gear is in the groove and the mark on the idler gear that matches the cam gear is on a tooth and goes between 2 marked teeth on the cam gear.

Continuing to pay very close attention to alignment of the timing marks, the FADEC timing gear is installed over the second idler post with the timing mark on the groove of the FADEC gear matching the appropriate mark on the crankshaft drive gear.

The pushrods are simply inserted into the pushrod covers.  They will center in the lifters as soon as some pressure is applied to them.

This unfortunately fuzzy picture shows the pushrods resting in the covers waiting for the rocker arms to be installed.


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