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As things progress, little tasks mount up.  There are through-case bolts that need to be rechecked and finally torqued and a few plugs to insert into the case like the little oil plug below.

installing the electronic connectors into the FADEC fuel distribution valve is pretty simple and straight forward.

FADEC fuel injectors need to be handled with a reasonable amount of care.  They will get an actuator sleeve fed by an electric harness.  Unlike those other fuel injector systems, FADEC injectors do not just take whatever the flow divider sends.  They are individually regulated based on a continuing analysis of the factors affecting each cylinder (cht, egt, oil temp, fuel pressure etc)

The fuel injector pressure lines attach to (non-) fuel flow divider much like any other system.

The fuel lines need to be secured.  They will joined by the wiring harness that ultimately feeds information back to the electronic control units and fires the injectors.



















Just a pic of it all installed on top of the engine.




Packaging up the engine involves special oil and dehydration, including these desiccant plugs.



There are a few other nuts and bolts to safety, including the oil filter -- in the usual manner.


Here is the engine, ready to come home.  It has been run for an hour and a half and, no, I don't have any pictures of that...



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