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Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2008!

When I started this project I didn't have an end date in mind, but I didn't think I would still be working on it in 2008.  Well, I'm not sad about that.  I do still enjoy (almost) every minute of it.

What better start of the new year than to get out and work on the RV?

I am back to a few firewall things, here starting with a bracket to hold the Andair gascolator.


A bracket that will back up to the gaskolator bracket (on the inside of the firewall) is this fuel flow sensor bracket.



Here are the 2 brackets mathc drilled.  Of course, I still have to put the firewall between them!


Here is the view from the inside with both brackets in place.  Isn't someone going to point out that weak looking rivit?


Here is how the fuel flow sensor attaches to the inside bracket.






















The output side of the fuel flow sensor goes through the firewall to gascolator.

The fuel line will come out through this fitting just above the gascolator.  I'm really completely happy with this setup and will probably change it, but I will follow though and finish what I started for now.


On the other side of the fence (firewall), the Andair gascolator gets attached to its bracket with a couple of short AN3 bolts.


First try produced this little wiggly piece of tubing.  It was much to my surprise because lately, I have screwed up more than one much simplier bending job.


Well, well, look at that.  I will probably change it out, but for now, it looks good.





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