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The mounting plate (that I made 2 days ago) will be mounted behind the first bulkhead behind the aft baggage bulkhead.  The reason is to get the magnetometers away from both electrical interference and ferrous metals.

To get the mounting plate as level as possible (horizontally), I carefully measured and clamped a straight edge across the curved top of the bulkhead.  I then aligned the plate (barely visible) with straight edge and match drilled holes.  Here the clecos are holding the plate in place where it will be riveted.

Moving on to the gascolator, I was going to put a typical quick drain in the bottom.  First, the quick drain used in the wing tanks extends a little too far into the gascolator cup and makes contact with the bottom of the filter.

The second problem with the quick drain is that it doesn't extend to the bottom of the cowl if the gascolator is mounted in the recommended place.

I decided to extend the quick drain with some 1/4" pipe.  What I am using initially is brass and that is fine.  I do want to replace it with aluminum, but I'm thinking about tolerance to vibration.   This will take a little more thought.

Whether brass or aluminum, the quick drain now extends to the bottom of the cowl and allows for easy access during preflight.




















I got back to the magnetometers after buying some brass screws.  Remember, no ferrous metals.  These things are magnetically sensitive.



I put one set (one end) of the screws in the magnetometers and one set in the mounting plate.



These are long screws allowing substantial adjustment.  I set each at approximately equal depth for installation.  Later, they will get a final adjustment.


The purpose of this exercise and method of installation is to allow adjustment of each magnetometer to parallel to the AHRS in flight.  All should actually be level both front and back and side to side in level flight.



The 2 Blue Mountain magnetometers will ride on the mounting plate with their adjustable brass screws holding them in the correct position.









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