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The aluminum brake bracket (sorry, can't remember the part number) is supposed to slip over the brake bracket after the brake bracket before the brake bracket is installed on the axle.

As you can see by the arrow, either the hole is too small or the brake bracket is too big -- take your choice.

I chose, the hole is too small and ran a small sanding drum around the inside a few times.

The result was a perfect fit on both sides.

So here is the assembly loosly bolted up on the axle.

Not wanting to do too much work on any one system at one time, I moved on to making backing plates for mounting brackets that will hold the FADEC electronic control units on the firewall.

They are simple straps that run from stiffener to stiffener and riveted to the firewall.

Bolts from inside the cabin through nutplates I added to the mounting plates hold the mounting plates in place.














With this arrangement, I get the 2 mounting plates on each side of the firewall recess roughly equal in terms of placement relative to the cylinders.  That is important because the plug wires will run from the control units to the cylinders and an equal run should make it easier to work out the proper lengths.



Moving on again, I laid out the parts to install rotation block on the nose gear leg.



It was simple enough.



Now, finishing up the gear leg end of the cabin brake plumbing, I flared the tubing end...



and connected the tubing to the fitting through the floor.



This is just another angle showing the fit.





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