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I started out this morning making a bracket for the push-pull cabin heat cable.  I had this piece of scrap .060" on the bench, so I didn't have to cut anything.

I drilled #30 holes in the scrap piece and match drilled 2 of the holes to a spot on the firewall recess.  The 3rd hole will hold an Adel clamp tht will, in turn, hold the cable housing.

Here is the completed setup.  When I cut the cable and housing to their final size, I will safety wire the cable to the Adel clamp and that will be it.  So far, it seem to work smoothly.

I made this bracket to hold my throttle quadrant.  This is the upper bracket and is made from 2 pieces of .125" angle and a web of .032" cut in a rectangle as a stiffner.

With 2 nutplates added to the bottom of the panel, the bracket can take the lateral loads as the panel is relatively stiff at this point (I will add some bracing later)

The quadrant is set in place.  The braces underneath are not connected yet, but will be supported at the rear and with an aluminum web vertically.

Here is another shot that might better display the upper bracket.  I'm still working out the best angle for the throttle quadrant itself.







I installed the  WD-610 control column.  It gets aligned with washers on each side of the bolts until there is (more or less) nuetral tension.  That means, the bolts can be tightened and the unit still moves freely.


Here is the control column installed.


The W-716 bellcrank pushrod forward end connects to the bottom of the control column.  Some adjustment may be needed here later.


The rear end of the pushrod attaches to the central bellcrank which has the Tru-Trak pitch servo attached.  If you are installing the same setup, you do need to check the travel of the servo actuator arm to make sure it cannot come close to going over center in either direction as that could lock your elevator control.  This shows mine in the most forward position.


And here it is in the maximum elevator up position.  No problem here.


Wrapping it up for the day, I drilled an access hole for wiring in each of the control sticks and inserted gromets.



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