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There are 2 banks of (3 each) circuit breakers to tie together for the FADEC system.  I decided to put them in the panel even though I had originally planned on having no circuit breakers in the panel.  O. K., things change.  I made a buss bar for each of the gangs of breakers.

This unfortunately blurry picture shows the 2 gangs of breakers installed with the buss bars installed on them.

In order to complete the setup of the subpanel and supports, I had to place the roll bar.  I only clamped it in place temporarily.

The position of the roll bar is called out in the plans, measured and marked with a Sharpie to get correct alignment for and aft.

Here's the front view of the roll bar and the roll bar brace.

The key thing at this point is to get the roll bar brace cut to length and positioned for drilling.



I took time out to take inventory of my wire.  In addition to this, I have a few rolls of shielded cable and some battery cable.  I compared what I have with what I think I will need.  The conclusion -- inconclusive.  I guess I'll have to proceed knowing that I may have to order more.


I fit the 2 Blue Mountain Sports into the panel and placed the panel in the airframe to check the fit against the subpanel.


Just as other folks say, the BMAs fit, I am still going to cut a hole for each of them in the subpanel to improve maintenance.


A quick aside to fabricate the throttle and prop cable support.  It's pretty straight forward, so no explanation.


I'm caught here doing something I find hard to set aside time for -- practice.  Yep, I'm practicing soldering.


I bought some cheapie solder DB connectors at Radio Shack.  They are great for practice and I quickly determined that I needed more practice before I start soldering the real connectors.


I finished up the day by making side supports for my throttle quadrant.  I didn't get them finished, but I did get started on them.



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