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Fire moves closer in this dry season, but I did find time to do a little work after taking a few pictures from the back deck.  The fire line is 7 miles long behind the house and the temperature is around 105 degrees.  It looks like winter because of all the smoke and it's hard to breath outside.  

I thought it would be best to work on some simple tasks like assembly of the auxiliary fuel pump box.

It is a simple job to drill, dimple and rivet, thought it seems to take 3 hands to get a bucking bar inside and still hold the thing in position.

Next, I cut the F-782c to fit the box.  You only do this if you are using Van's (or similar) pump for a fuel injected engine.

I installed, but didn't tighten, the Van's fuel valve.  Yes, I didn't use the Andair.  Don't send me a bunch of emails, I already know the arguments.  Thanks...





It only took a few minutes to place and drill the brake bracket to the firewall.  I had other ideas, but decided to use the recommended placement on the left side of the firewall.


Rivets in place and bracket mounted, I installed the 2 elbows (one at a sharper angle) per plans.


The firewall recess is another easy to install piece good for a day like today.


I put a thin layer of fireblock around to seal the recess to the firewall and riveted it in place.


A small accomplishment today, but more than I have done in a while.  I guess I'll go see how the fire is doing.  I don't really want to think about it.

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