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While I am working on other things (or, just watching), Bill is roughing out the wiring.  This is a group of toggle/breakers controlling strobes, landing and other lights at the top of the panel.

Here is another shot with the toggles at the top right of the picture, the fuel level and dual amp and volt gauges below and the right IFIS in the center.

A look at the gauges (the 2 top gauges are fuel level) shows that the wiring is just beginning.  Only power and ground to these so far.

All the switched (via the master switch) hot wires are red (of course!) and attach to a common bus.  No!  Wait! Remember, there are 2 separate electrical system, so there are 2 identical busses.  One on the right and one on the left of the AC.  Left is primary and drives everything except the right IFIS, pitot heat and landing light which are powered by the secondary or right system. 

This is a typical Garmin connector housing.

Garmin units include a mounting block for the connectors.  The mounting block attaches to the mounting tray so the units can slide in and out disconnecting and reconnecting as they do.









The first real evidence that Hubby Helper is really doing most of the wiring.  I still claim all the building credit though!

He is mostly working from the following diagram in making up the electronics harnesses and wiring the DB connectors.

After a few days of wiring supplemented by extraordinary vocabulary exercises, the panel lights up!  There aren't any antenna connections, so the bench test is pretty limited, but everything tested at least came alive.

So, now there is this little issue of the 2 instruments that didn't get included in the panel.  I am still looking for someone to blame for the oversight, but in the meantime, I guess I have to find a way to squeeze them in.

The panel was already painted, so I wasn't interested in cutting a precise hole in the panel.  I decided a mounting plate was a better idea.  I cheated and had the plate cut by Hank Bosman who owns Woodman Engineering in Redding.  I will reverse the order of the instruments putting the oil pressure on top.


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