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The TruTrak Autopilot pitch servo has been installed for a long time.  I finally got around to populating the connector using Bill's little diagram.


The transponder antenna is a short little thing, I guess it is because it carries such a high frequency signal.  The wire of choice for all the antenna work is RG-400.


The BNC connector installed on the antenna wire and the transponder antenna is ready for installation.  Not to be tightened yet, though.  There is still paint to consider.



Now, here is a problem that will have to be resolved.   When the stick is back, the front of the arm that pulls the elevator tube touches the wires.  I don't want to drill a hole in the spar to tie them back, so I need another solution.  I'm not going to address it now.  It goes on the list...











I drilled holes for the com antennas on both sides of the belly and completed the antenna wire runs.


These are the FADEC interfaces to the Blue Mountain MFDs. "R Mag" and "L Mag" tags refer to the magnatometers not magnetos.

For a final task of a long day, I installed the ends on the rear elevator push/pull tube.  Same as all the others, drill and rivet.




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