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Finished wiring and labeling the connectors for the left and right MFDs.  Part of the work had already been done, so it only took a short while.


Before connecting the rest of the MFD stuff, I got the static and pitot lines connected to the MFDs.  The connection ports are pretty hard to see when all the connectors are in place.


The thru-firewall connectors for FADEC are torqued in place and fully wired on the panel side.  Now I am wondering how much clearance I will have after the engine is in place.  I have measured this about 15 times and the score 7 to 7 with one undecided.


Things are looking really neat and traceable behind the panel!  I even know where some of the wires are supposed to go!











Well, some things are coming together.  The problem still remains that as soon as a bundle is finalized, there are 2 more wires to add.


I have tried (at Bill's suggestion) to wire all the hot (+12v) wires so they can be bundled together.  All hot positive power wires are red.

I could post hundreds of pictures of wiring.  I think if the plane weighs 2,000 lbs, half of it will be wiring!  These are the FADEC enable switches.  They are 3-way (on-on-on).




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