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The FADEC Serial Buss Controller is mounted on a rib behind the panel so that the connector can face down.


Just when I thought I understood, I found this pre-made harness for FADEC.  Nowhere in the schematic does it show anything close to "ECP" or anything that could be shortened to that.


While scratching my head, I found another pre-labeled goes-nowhere cable.  Time to call the FADEC people.  Now, I had some trepidation about calling them because I don't fully understand the FADEC stuff.  I prodded my husband into making the call (he doesn't understand either, but he won't admit it).  It turns out that the ECP is a duplicate of the MFD feed and can be used for the second MFD.  The Power Sense B makes not sense.  Just cut it and stow it...     But, the responsive of the Teledyne folks was good.  When they were not sure of an answer, they found an engineer who knew the answer.


More wiring, the FADEC Serial Buss Controller uses 2 breakers and draws power from both electrical systems.  I don't like the idea of a crossover, but they tell me it doesn't.  The SBC, just like the computers, simply take power from the best source.


I used a hole in the rib to attach the harness to the HSA (Health Status Annunciator) rather than letting it dangle.









The HSA is mounted next to the SBC with access to the connector from the bottom.

The string in the pic below was stretched and tied off perpendicular to the panel.  I used a plum bob on a line to level the magnatometers at the bottom of the fuselage.  By level, I mean set them on a plane that is perpendicular to the panel.

Once leveled, I wired up the magnatometers.  Now they are driving the MFDs.

This little device records engine performance data on the memory card.  It can be downloaded through the connector on its face or the card can be removed and read by your computer (or at least, mine)...

It will be behind the panel as there is no room for it in the panel.

As if the day wasn't long enough, I took time to tap the oil pressure manifold.  That was a disaster I'll talk about later!



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