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It probably isn't visible here, but the FADEC diagram indicates there is a tach pulse output, but the pre-made FADEC harness doesn't include pins to the designated wires.


I checked that the diagram and the harness were the same vintage and contacted TCM.  After much discussion, they said, "No tach output."  That's not awful for me because FADEC feeds RPM to the MFDs, but apparently there is no output from FADEC to other tachometers.  Of course, if you are not using an MFD, but a mechanical tach, you would have a tach cable from the tach output.

This morning I reinstalled the right MFD.   It is starting to look and feel like a real panel.  It's not going anywhere yet because there is no throttle!


The wire to the oil pressure transducer (gauge, not FADEC) uses this tiny odd connector.  Maybe these are widely used, but I have never before seen one.  It was really difficult to properly crimp, but I got it on.   Now for the next one!


Every once in a while, you need a little rest.  No, I'm just riveting the backing plates for the comm antennas in place.  I had put off locating the antennas because of hearing folks complain of poor ground performance in certain locations.  I am staggering my 2 antennas.  One will be on the left between the wings and the other will be on the right behind the wings on the fuselage.









Back on top, I made up a little harness for the autopilot control switch.  It will determine which MFD drives the autopilot -- yes, only one at a time!

In the early afternoon, I had to zoom off to an Arts Council meeting, but I couldn't help myself.  I had to get a little more work in.   I installed the harness for the right MFD.

There was just enough time left in the day to make up this little harness for the dimmer controller.  The control pots are already in the panel.

O. K., the day is done, but I really wanted to go through the process of updating the software on the Blue Mountain MFDs.   I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was.  I downloaded the software to the supplied USB stick, plugged it into the MFD and turned it on.  It updated itself in about 2 minutes.  All seemed to work fine...


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