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The engine is hung and now it is time to check out the fit of things.  After much checking, the only thing I found that was a problem, was the thru-firewall FADEC connectors came out directly behind the alternator.  Ugh!  The connectors and harness can't fit between the alternator and the firewall and it is way too much work to remake a special harness.

All I could do was remove the connectors and punch new holes higher up in the firewall.  That will require a cover plate for the old holes and it won't be easy installing it with the engine on the airplane.

The FADEC firewall connectors installed in their new location.  I'm not happy about the extra work, but it wasn't all that serious after all.

Spotting the open port on the mechanical fuel pump, I put a plug in it.  Before you start bombarding me with emails, I know.  After I thought a moment, I remembered that it was a drain in case the diaphragm breaks.

The FADEC oil temperature probe is a little long, but there is no interference with the firewall.  It's in and torqued.

I didn't take pictures of the installation of the prop cable, but it is in and after hanging the engine, all I had to do was connect the cable end to the actuator arm.








A visitor came to the front door, but I wasn't home!  I was in the shop working on the airplane.  She is probably complaining that the front yard isn't landscaped yet.


Oops!  This isn't going to fit!  the FADEC oil pressure sender is not the same as others.  I has larger threads and won't screw into the Van's manifold.


To the drill press to drill out the old threads.


It is sized for the tap and clean enough, so on to the next step.


I tapped the hole (I can't remember what size...) as deep as I could go with a bottoming tap.


A limiting factor in tapping the manifold is the cross drilled port for AN fittings on the sides, but there is still plenty of bite for the threads.




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