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As I started to look at what was functional and not on the panel, I noticed that the Flight Data Systems computer (AFP-30) was reading a temperature of 249 degrees Fahrenheit.  Being real smart (as I am), I figured it wasn't that hot in the shop and maybe something was wrong.  After contacting the folks at Flight Data Systems, they gave me a few tests even I could do, like, "Connect the black wire to the white wire.

"Connect the red wire to the white wire.

The minimal testing indicated nothing wrong with the computer part, so I took the housing off the temperature sensor.  There was one spot that looked like it could have been grounded to the housing, but the unit still didn't work so, they agreed to send me a new temp sensor.  We'll see how that works...

Frustrated with the progress for the day, I decided to do something simple -- fit up the exhaust.  It just didn't seem to fit.  I had ordered the Vetterman exhaust a few months ago so it wouldn't slow down the project.








I tried all combinations and it was clear it wasn't going fit on this engine.  "What's with this Larry Vetterman?" I said.  I thought he did really good work, how could he have sent me the wrong exhaust?  I decided to have my husband call Vetterman.  I just couldn't.  As he was dialing the phone, I noticed that what I had ordered was for vertical induction!  Eeek!  It wasn't Vetterman's fault!

Larry Vetterman, living up to his reputation of good customer service simply said, "Send it back, I'll make up the right one for you."  There is nothing more frustrating than being frustrated with the mistakes you make yourself!  Ugh!  I wonder how my husband made that mistake.....



Wanting something accomplished for the day, I installed the headphone jacks at the back of the armrests.  I hope they will work out there, but in any case, for today that job is done -- finished  -- final --  all complete -- whatever.





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