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There always seems to be something that gets in the way of airplane work.  Chris McGaw built 9 wood duck nest boxes for us and I had to take them down to the pond.

Standing in the front of the little boat to install them tested my balance.  Actually, I had to hang on to the tree more than once.  Bill was supposed to hold the boat steady, but maybe he was daydreaming...

I thought it would take about an hour.  Four hours later, about half the nest boxes were up.  But, the pond is now a little better habitat for the wood ducks even though we don't expect any to nest there this year.  Now, back to airplane building!









It was noon before I got to work, first installing the FADEC control units.  Each one has a grounding strap that I ran directly to the primary airframe ground.  The engine ground and battery grounds will all go to the same place.

I decided to safety wire the FADEC mounting bolts as an extra precaution.  The units are pretty heavy and one coming loose in the engine compartment wouldn't be a good thing.


With the FADEC harness roughly in place, the neat engine installation is starting to look pretty messy.  FADEC requires a lot of wire under the cowl.  Routing the harnesses is already looking daunting.


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