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No joke, today I installed the fuel injectors and the actuators.  It took a little tweaking to get a perfect alignment with fuel injection fuel lines and the injectors, but with a little effort each was nearly perfect.

I torqued the fuel injectors, but just ran the fuel line connectors down firm.  I will tighten them later as I am not sure that I won't have to remove them again for one reason or another.

The FADEC SBC Controller harness required a ground wire that wasn't there, so I added it, grounding the connector housing.  It is simply soldered in place.

The FADEC throttle body requires a gasket a spacer and another gasket.  I began the installation, but realized I didn't have the proper nuts to match the studs.  Ugh!  Another thing put off until parts float in.

It took me 30 minutes of fiddling with ring gear ( or flywheel?  What is it?) before I realized that it would only fit one way.  Then I started thinking about timing marks and got the #1 piston to TDC on compression.  I didn't know about the little mark on the starter until I came upon it by accident.  Finally, I got the darn thing to fit, feeling all the time that I didn't know enough to be building an airplane.  One of those days!

There were no instructions that I could find anywhere on what to do with the o-ring.  There seemed to be only one possibility though, so I assumed it formed the seal between the flywheel and the prop or, in this case, the prop extension.








The prop extension was a firm fit.  I put a little of the recommended Never Seize on the bolts and got each started.  I have a prop extension because I am using a James Cowl.


The prop extension bolts are torqued in a cross (opposite) pattern just like one would torque a prop.


With a little more time left in the workday, I installed the tach drive cover I got from Avery Tools (It's about $13).  I had to hold the tip with needle nose pliers to get the threads started.


There is not much clearance from the oil filter mount and there was no way I could get this thing installed with the oil filter in place.  All that said, it does clear everything, after all, a tach cable would have to fit here if I was using one.


A little safety wire can keep the thing from falling out of the bottom of the cowl if it ever works loose.





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