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Continuing the FADEC installation, I connected the throttle sensor wires using handshake connectors.

The FADEC crank position sensors (these are actually read from a gear that would normally be a mag drive) have a rather large harness from each computer that plug straight in to the transmitter housing.

Once both of the harnesses are installed, they are safety wired and secured with a zip-tie for good measure.

I have installed a separate fuel computer and it requires manifold pressure input.   I'm taking that from the bottom of the sump -- well, we all tend to call it the sump, but it is really the intake manifold or plenum.









I began the manifold pressure line as aluminum because I wanted to protect it from heat, but as it gets to the rear of the engine, I am changing to plastic (or whatever it is) brake tubing.


Beginning the installation of the exhaust, I see I have a little fit problem here.  I am going to continue until I find out just how much of a problem it really is.


The new exhaust from Vetterman is looking like it will fit fine.  I am checking all of it before I torque it up or install the heat muff.

It takes some time to work Never Seize into the ball joints of the exhaust.  This is important because exhaust pipes tend to bind together from the heat and future maintenance and adjustments can be very difficult without something to prevent the stiffness problem.


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